Converter for Keynote Demonstration Youtube Video

We have now uploaded a demonstration youtube video for our App “Converter for Keynote”. This video shows how easy it is to convert old presentations to new ones. It’s literally a one-click process.

This App allows you continued access to your files, even if the file is “too old”.

Apple didn’t include a converter in iWork so we have added one…!

Converter for Keynote is the only easy to use converter that will allow you to migrate away from Keynote 2008 without having to buy expensive extra software. You can buy the app from this website. It takes only a few seconds to download and solve your problems.

The Youtube video is 35 seconds long, so it won’t take time out of your day. Enjoy…!

From Amigo and OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

We have now released an update for From Amigo to ensure compatibility with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. While there were very few updates to Mail in 10.10.3, we have tracked down one or two bugs that affected us. We have also improved the method for updating From Amigo. We have added user-selectable update periods.


From Amigo 1.3 is now compatible with the update that replaces iPhoto with Photos. Photos is the new method of managing your treasured collection of images with OS X. It’s very new, but already we are finding it better at organising our snaps better than iPhoto. Much faster…! We are still looking at it and figuring out the best way to do things of course.

And if we find any ways of making it easier for you we will let you know.

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Keynote Converter makes Opening Old Presentations Easy

A few weeks ago we were trying to put a presentation together for a new pitch. We are looking to launch a new App that is based on something we tried to launch several years ago. We started by looking at our old presentations. This we wrote using iWork 2008. Well, we tried to but not with much success. Our current version of Keynote that’s on our nice shiny iMacs kept giving the error “This presentation can’t be opened because it is too old. Open it in Keynote ’09”.

A warning now a thing of the past due to Keynote Converter...!

You don’t want to see this on a deadline. Read on to see how we dealt with it.

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A Minor Update

We have released From Amigo version 1.0.2. This is a very slight update to fix problems that we noticed after launching From Amigo, our first Mail Plugin. To install, just download the free update. Double-click once to un-compress the file and then double-click again to install. Enjoy…!

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Introducing From Amigo Mail Plugin

From Amigo Mail Plugin LogoWe are proud to present the first product from Talking Cucumber – From Amigo…!

From Amigo Mail plugin is based on the frustrating times we have had when faced with multiple email accounts. While Apple Mail makes dealing with many email accounts easier, there are still some cheap youth jerseys nfl irritations. When replying to an email address the correct “From” address is not always picked.

We have all been there. Sending an email to your manager and then suddenly realising that you have used your personal address. It looks like you’ve been goofing off at work. Or that your are using your work laptop for personal email… Both are not very good…!

It can be hard to manage multiple email addresses. From Amigo can do that for you. We will save you time.

Or maybe you have a personal email address that is not professional. There could be some embarrassment if you email the office or your contact with it. Using the right email address is very important and lets you send the right messages. In more ways than one…!

Our From Amigo Mail Plugin solves all these problems.

When you send an email the address you are sending to will be checked and then matched against your email addresses. If a match is found then the plugin will suggest that you should use that instead.

The plugin optionally tracks which email addresses you use to send to which recipient. This allows another way to determine the best from address to use. Don’t worry, all your email stays on your Mac. We don’t send your data anywhere.

You can choose which email accounts are used for suggestions and tracking. Everything is easily configurable.

Our From Amigo mail plugin is there to help you.  Check out some more details about From Amigo…