iWork Upgraders and Converters From Talking Cucumber

If you are having problems migrating documents between iWork 2008 and iWork 2014, you have come to the right place. Help is at hand…!

Pages-DialogThis dialog means that you have to buy and download Pages ’09, only available with iWork ’09. This is very frustrating as you will need to waste your money on something you do not really need. To help you we have released converters for each App in the iWorks collection. Each of these has the following core features:


Convert iWork Documents Easily

Each of these Converter/Upgrader Apps have the following features:

  • Batch conversion. Migrate multiple Keynote ’08 files to Keynote ’09 with just one-click.
  • Fast, easy conversion. Using an enhanced process conversion is usually completed in seconds.
  • All conversion is performed on your Mac. This App does not send sensitive information across the Internet.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks…!
KeynoteConverterIcon Converter for Keynote : Keynote 4.x files to Keynote 5.x

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 NumbersConverterLogoBoth  Converter for Numbers: Numbers 1.x files to Numbers 2.x

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 Pages2008and2014sketch  Converter for Pages: Pages 3.x files to Pages 4.x

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Fresh as a Cucumber.

iStock_000016100808Small Fresh ideas, and a fresh take on Apps. We pride ourselves on coming with fresh new ideas for both Apps that we create in-house, and for our clients needs. Going out of the way to find a new way to get the most of out of ideas. We brainstorm like a barnstorm. We like to extend and embrace, but always in a friendly hugging way.

Healthy Apps.

iStock_000003867334Small Cucumbers are full of Vitamin B and C, and are a great source of hydration and may have other health benefits. They are also very good for your skin and can be used to treat sunburn and minor skin irritations. Cucumbers may help with diabetes and can be used in a controlling cholesterol. NB: This is not medical advice. We are Software Developers, not Doctors. We can supply you with damn fine Apps, but not much else. If you want to buy a well coded Mail Plugin or App, that we can do, but don't ask us for health advice.

Something Unexpected.

iStock_000009732924Small We always like to take a different look on things. Don't be surprised if we mix things up and add something unexpected to an App. We will try and suggest something fresh and original.Sometimes it produces something bitter and sometimes it produces something sweet. We see ourselves as the mixologists of Apps and Plugins.