Converter for Keynote Support

Which versions of Keynote are supported…?

Currently the Converter will only convert Keynote 4.x (iWork 2008) files to Keynote 5.x. (iWork 2009) Trying to convert files created in other versions of Keynote will result in a error showing that the file is not valid.

Refunds for Mac App Store Purchases

We are not able to process refunds for Keynote Converter when bought on the Mac App Store. Please contact Apple directly for this.

How can I convert multiple files at once…?

Converting multiple files, or batch converting, is simple in Converter for Keynote. From the main screen, press the “Open File” button. Then choose as many Keynote ’08 files as need to convert/migrate.  Press the Command key () and click on extra files. Or you can use your “Shift” key to select several files at once. To convert all these files at once, press “Convert” to start the process.

I have a file that can not be converted by Converter for Keynote.

We have extensively tested the Keynote Converter so that comes as a surprise. In order for us to make the Converter better, please get in touch via the Contact page. We can then analyse the presentation and make Keynote Converter able to convert it.

How many Macs can I use my License with…?

You can use your Keynote Converter license with as many Macs as you directly control.

Can I use my Converter for Keynote License for my company…?

Please contact us via our Contact page to discuss corporate / volume licensing.

Which versions of OS X are supported…?

Converter for Keynote is supported for OS X Yosemite 10.10 and later. The software is not supported for OS X versions before this. We also do not support beta or GM (Gold Master) versions of OS X.