Medical Spelling Dictionaries for Mac Word and Pages

We have just launched more useful utilities for the Macs word-processors : Medical Spelling Dictionaries for Pages and Mac Word. These both install a custom Medical Dictionary into either Pages of Mac Word. But why…? Well, we have been talking to some of our clients in the medical industry. They have told us that is can be very frustrating when writing medical and health documents.

Why…? Because Pages (and Word) only have very limited spelling dictionaries. This means that a lot of quite common medical terms are shown as mispelt. But they are spelt perfectly correct…! Valuable time has to be spent on checking each word that has a red squiggle on it. Imagine the time that could be saved…!

This is where our Medical Spelling Dictionary comes in. Once Pages and Word have a new, custom spelling dictionary it is very simple to see which words are correctly spelt and which are not.

Medical Spelling Dictionaries for Mac Word and Pages

Most medical spelling dictionaries of this are hard to install. Our dictionaries have a very easy install process, it’s a one-click process. This allows you to save more time and lets you concentrate on writing  you medical / health related documents.

The Dictionaries are installed directly into your Mac, meaning there is no online component to sign up to. Everything is included with the App…!


  • The wordlist is installed using an easy to use installer and uninstaller
  • Life-time updates, no subscriptions required…!
  • More than 100,000 medical and health related terms
  • Compatible with Pages 4 and Pages 5, and Microsoft Word 2011 and 2015
  • Includes trade and generic names of pharmaceutical and medical products.

Use these links to download and buy them:

Medical Spelling Dictionary for Pages Icon Medical Spelling Dictionary for Pages

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MedicalDictionaryForWord256 Medical Spelling Dictionary for Microsoft Word

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