Two new iWork Upgraders: Converter for Numbers and Converter for Pages

Here at Talking Cucumber, we have been overwhelmed by the response to our Converter for Keynote App. When were having problems converting our Keynote presentations, we thought we were the only people who had this problem. Boy, were we wrong…! It turns out this is a common problem that many of you have.

Since we have helped so many people overcome this, we have decided to help more people. We noticed that the other iWork Apps had the same issue.

iWork Upgraders Make Converting Documents Quick and Easy

So now we are offering two new apps : Converter for Numbers and Converter for Pages. Both work in the same way as Converter for Keynote. Fast, easy and secure upgrading of your iWork documents. In this case they upgrade Numbers spreadsheets and Pages documents.

So, if you are seeing the following warnings, you should give these Apps a try:



Our iWork Converter / Upgraders are the only Apps on the market that do this. It’s really strange that Apple let out this function. But Apple are busy making some amazing products and services, so that’s understandable…!

To recap. Here are links to each Converter/Upgrader, and the files it can handle:

KeynoteConverterIcon Converter for Keynote : Keynote 4.x files to Keynote 5.x

$5.18 Add to cart

 NumbersConverterLogoBoth  Converter for Numbers: Numbers 1.x files to Numbers 2.x

$5.18 Add to cart

 Pages2008and2014sketch  Converter for Pages: Pages 3.x files to Pages 4.x  

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